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Tuesday Night Madness

DJ Colz

Tuesdays 6pm GMT

Tuesday Night Madness

Every Tuesday and Thursday night at 18:00h to 20:00h UK time, join ZimOnline Radio's seasoned and hot Presenter Collen Colz Derera AKA DJ Colz as he blast tunes from old to new genres of music shows, My night shows are carefully selected hunch & bunch of tracks from talented and inspiring artists from across Africa and the world beyond. Catch up with my shows on this podcast page and on

Friday AfroBeats Express

DJ Waraz Waranyu

Classic Collection (Yester-Year)

DJ Nduna

Saturdays 1800 CAT

Praise & Worship Time

Mai Tongogara

Sundays 4pm GMT

Velaphi & Gumbo Show

Prince Velaphi & Mitch Gumbo

Fridays 6pm UK

Breakfast naWasu

Obaz Aubrey

Weekdays 8am GMT

Jazz on Sunday & Reggae Show

DJ Nephie G

Sundays 6pm GMT & Fridays

Old Skool RnB & HipHop

DJ Fresh Prince

Fridays 4pm GMT


Playing the hottest RnB and HipHop Old Skool tunes from yesteryear.

Rhumba naPapa Joze

Papa Joze

Saturdays 12pm GMT

Joseph Chabuda Muvengi better known as PapaJoze or Mwana- Mboka (Home-boy) by his fans is a prominent Rhumba (Ndule) Dj and event promoter based in Australia

Though most African countries produce music genres that are direct derivatives of Congolese Rhumba(Ndule), understanding the music may be difficult due to vagaries surrounding the meanings of various terms. Rhumba naPapaJoze ( Saturdays12pm -2pm GMT) provides an opportunity for listerners to understand the origins and meanings of popular Rhumba dances and lyrics . The presenter will be translating and explaining rhumba lyrics that are sung in various African dialects, lingala, ndebele, shona , siwahili and kikongo.

In addition to his unquestioned Rhumba background PapaJoze is also known for throwing high quality sounds from his Gonawapotera Studios (Friday 10am -1pm GMT) - a free for all musical show that provides a platform for listeners to call in and give general updates in music and sports

Weekend Party Starter

Lady Carol

Sisonke (Miss P Show)

Miss P

Hoza Friday & Saturday Mix

DJ Ceaphas Wezhira

Fridays & Saturdays 6pmGMT

The Living Concept

Overseer PZ Mukwena

Wednesdays 12pm GMT

The Living Concept

Living Concept is a 30-minute Christian spirituality programme whereby Overseer Mukwena relates truths from the Bible and from life encouraging listeners to live by them and thus be successful before God and men.

The Bold & Beautiful

Miss Nakai

On Demand!

Word of The Week & Prayer for The Nation

Rev. Austin Pamire

Wednesdays 10am GMT

A powerful and liberating Gospel show that empowers , challenges and demands of us to live and walk in our God ordained purposes.A platform for spiritual worship and prayer

Reggae By Bus

DJ Ras Sam

Saturdays 18:00 CAT

The ThunderBolt Show

Saba Getty

Thursdays 9pm GMT

Afro-Pop Sounds

DJ Max (Samutoko)

Thursdays 4pm GMT

Throwback: Nostalgic Moments

Larry Magic

Mondays 10pm GMT

Dzakaita Mukurumbira

DJ Malembe

Saturdays 10am CAT

DJ Malembe

The HotLane/Top 20

DJ Munya

Mon-Fri (9am-11am)

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#ThisFlag Goes Viral

zimbabwe_atlas_flag_cloth_silk_symbolism_hd-wallpaper-67164A Zimbabwe pastor's searingly honest account of both loving and feeling alienated from the flag of the country of his birth has stirred the emotions of thousands and prompted a flood of "flag selfies".

In a video that's had more than 85 000 views in just three days, Evan Mawarire, a well-known Harare author, speaker and church leader, details the mixed emotions Zimbabwe's black, red, yellow and green flag provokes in him.

#ThisFlag continues to gain momentum and is not showing any signs of becoming oblivious like the millions of hash tags that have made it into social media.

How did it all start? What is it about? Where to from here?

It first caught the attention of hundred thousands of Zimbabweans when it was reported on News24 on 23 April 2016. Read Zim pastor's heartfelt #ThisFlag video prompts flag selfies . This was 5 days after 36th year anniversary of Zimbabwe’s independence from British colonial rule.  It has become significant because it remains the only tangible symbol to identify with the Zimbabweans after our currency died a natural death seven years ago.  The discussions are building up on social media platforms without any fear.

It is a reminder to the new generation of Zimbabweans, mostly the born frees, who were not there when the flag was designed, that our vision as a country and where we stand in the world was crafted in the Zimbabwean flag.  Whilst the economy, which is the heart of the nation continues to bleed, and not showing any signs of recovery, #ThisFlag has ignited that dream of 1980 and how it became a reality all the way into the 90’s.

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